Delta Triangle Pool Cue

Elevate your game with the only cue that fits!

Using the traditional round pool cue is like putting a round peg in a triangular hole. Simply said — it doesn’t match the triangular architecture of the human hand.

 Open Bridge Pool Shot  Closed Bridge Pool Shot  Rail Bridge Pool Shot
Open Bridge (Triangle Shaped) Closed Bridge (Triangle Shaped) Rail Bridge (Triangle Shaped)

Take a moment and look at the photos above. Note the triangles created when the index finger is coiled around a cue stick – the inverted V between the knuckles of the open bridge. A triangle shape also matches the flat top of the rail or bumper should you decide to rest the cue against the rail during your shot. Regardless of the bridge or shot selection you decide to use, your hand forms a V not a circle. Pretty simple isn’t it?

If your hand forms a V then doesn’t it make sense to use a pool cue shaped like your hand? By using the proper shaped pool cue it allows for more control and comfort which leads to better precision during play. We know so, and this exactly why we created the Delta Triangle Cue.

Benefits of owning a Patented Delta Triangle Cue:

  • More control, comfort, and confidence.
  • Eliminates twisting syndrome.
  • Straighter delivery to the strike area (means more accurate shots).
  • Offers a more precise pendulum action.
  • The V shape does not add additional drag. Shots are just as smooth gliding thru your bridged hand as any rounded cue.
  • Less misalignment.

You may have read about the Patented Delta Triangle Pool Cue. Now is your chance to experience what many are calling the most innovative idea in billiard cue design since the two-piece cue.

This is not a gimmick, this high quality pool cue can help you play much better pool. Pool has a lot to do with confidence and using this cue can help you build your confidence and improve your game. No questions about it – this cue is precision built for maximum playability so you can own the table!

Elevate your game today. Buy Now.